Alzheimer’s Disease Safety Precautions for Seniors

If you or someone in your family is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, you know that things that might have once been easy or routine all of a sudden become new challenges. Alzheimer’s patients and their families need to take some extra safety precautions to ensure that they are safe in their homes and that they have everything they need to live comfortably. The best environment for this is usually a memory care home or similar facility that is specifically designed for Alzheimer’s patients. Here are the safety precautions Alzheimer’s patients, their families, and their caregivers need to take.

Add safety precautions to appliances

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s is that tasks that were once very simple can suddenly become overwhelming. Your loved one may all of a sudden forget to turn off the stove or oven when necessary or have trouble operating the shower. There are many attachments you can add to appliances to prevent Alzheimer’s patients from burning the house down. Put safety knobs on the oven and stove, and make sure they have supervision while they are using these devices. You should also install an automatic thermostat, or set limits on how far up or down your loved one can adjust it.

Use a baby monitor at night

Another common problem that many Alzheimer’s patients have is that they get up and wander during the night. This poses a lot of safety problems and can exacerbate feelings of confusion. If your loved one is in senior living assistance, they are probably already monitored at night. If they’re not, having a family member or caretaker in the home use a baby monitor is one of the best ways to ensure that your loved one stays safe. This will alert you to any abnormal movement or noise right away, so you can go address the problem quickly.

Keep the space free of clutter

As seniors get older, they lose a lot of their mobility, which can make it difficult to get around the house and poses a lot of safety issues. To prevent accidents, you should keep your senior’s home free of clutter. Keep walkways clear at all times, and place grip mats on the floor to prevent your senior from slipping. You should also ensure that walkways are well lighted and that there are grab bars and handles installed if necessary. These precautions can help prevent injuries related to falls and slipping.

It’s important to make sure the loved ones in your life who have Alzheimer’s stay safe. Senior living is really the safest option for patients who are struggling with Alzheimer’s. A quick online search can help you locate assisted living near you.

Mark steps and windows with tape

An easy tip to make sure that your loved one can see these important features of your home is just to mark them with bright tape or stickers. Alzheimer’s can make it very difficult to navigate your home, and adding these small indicators is a good visual reminder. Just be sure to check on the tape periodically and touch it up if it starts to fall off.

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